Noah Eli Gordon

Noah Eli Gordon

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4.20: Reading in Seattle, WA at Open Books with Eric Baus and Andrea Rexilius

4.21: Reading in Seattle, WA at XYZ with Rae Armantrout and Catherine Bresner

2.10: poem in Copper Nickel

2.5: poem in Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

1.17:  3 poems in Apartment Poetry 

1.13: reading for Et Al Poetry in Nashville, TN

1.12: reading for InKY Reading Series in Louisville, KY

1.1: from AN INDEX TO NOAH ELI GORDON’S NEXT 135 WORKS 76-86 in Paperbag


11.19: twelve poems in The Elephants 

10.2: two poems in Marsh Hawk Review 

9.24: "Love and the Commodity" in Gramma 

9.10: Four poems in Free Verse Issue 28. 

9.1: "Here's the Thing" and "What Are You Working On" published in The Journal. 41.3 Summer 2017

8.5: "There's Nothing Heavy" in Pacifica Literary Review issue 10. 

7.6: "Out of Touch Screen" is the Poem-a-Day from the Academy of American Poets


6.15: "Trigger Warning" in Hobart 

6.2:  from "An Index to Noah Eli Gordon's Next 135 Works: 87--117" in Entropy 

5.18: "In Praise of Negative Capability" in The Awl

5.16: New book now available! 

5.1: 7 poems in The Brooklyn Rail

3.30I wrote about Jawbreaker for The Paris Review

3.8: 24 small poems in Across the Margin

3.1: I have work in three new anthologies

1.25:  from "An Index to Noah Eli Gordon's Next 135 Works: 118--135" in Entropy 


12.22:  mini syllabus in Entropy: The List as Literature: the art & practice of accumulative enumeration.

8.3: "Cake" is the Poem-a-Day from the Academy of American Poets

6.6: Ten Writing Prompts in The Found Poetry Review




3.19.15: Iowa City 

3.18.15: St. Louis

3.17.15: Akron

3.16.15: Detroit

3.15.15: MADISON

3.14.15: Chicago, IL. Dollhouse Reading Series. 

3.13.15: Rock Island, IL: Rozz-Tox 

3.12.15 Omaha, NE: Pet Shop Gallery

2.21.15: Austin, TX: Fun Party Reading Series 

2.20.15: Houston, TX, Gulf Coast Reading Series: with Rhianna Brandt, Erika Jo Brown, and Laura Jok (Rudyard’s Pub, 2010 Waugh Drive)


9.13.14 reading in nyc at Berl’s

9. 12.14 Reading in Boston, MA. 

9.11.14 Reading at Flying Object.

8.11.14 UDP pass the hat vid

8.10.14 Rooster reviewed in LA Review 

8.3.14 reading in Knoxville

8.2.14 reading in Nashville

7.31.14 Reading at Emory Bookstore 

7.30.14 Elisa Gabbert on Novel Pictorial Noise 

7.2.14 Reading a poem from Sommer's new book

7.7.14 ottawa poetry newsletter reviews Fifteen Problems 

7.1.14: essay up at The Volta: "On Scaffolding, Surrounding Auras, Authenticity, and Artfulness"

6.12.14 introduced Sawako Nakayasu & Laird Hunt reading at Naropa

5.19.14 mentioned in article at Publishers Weekly

5.3.14 Reading at Counterpath w/ KARLA KELSEY & George Albon  (video here)

5.1.14 wrote a blurb for new Baus book

5.1.14 wrote a blur for new Borkhuis book

4.25.14 New Chapbook out now! 

4.25.14 CU Boulder Faculty Showcase mini-conference 

4.13.14  5pm Reading in Lawrence, Kansas for

4.12.14 Reading in Kansas City for A Common Sense Series. 

4.11.14 Digital version of older chapbook now online

3.27.14 Three poems in Route Nine

3.20.14 Reading at CU-Boulder

3.15.14 Three poems in Coconut 

3.10.14 New page at Inknode

3.5.14 My poem "What Do I Know" is included in Best of the Net 2013 Anthology

3.3.14 Rooster reviewed in New Pages

3.1.14 Gave a talk at AWP panel: Uncreative & Unoriginal: Notes on Conceptual Writing

2.28.14 Gave a reading off-site in at Barca in Seattle

2.1.14 Four poems in A Public Space

1.6.14 Selected Jim Redmond as winner of Heavy Feather Review chapbook prize.

1.2.14 Curated a Youtube set for Zing Magazine. 

1.1.14 Long excerpt from The Year of the Rooster in the current issue of Seattle Review


12.20.13 Review of Rooster book in The Rumpus

12.18.13 Rooster recommended by HTML Giant

12.15.13 Rooster recommended on Poetry Scorecard

12.14.13 Reading at Innisfree for Bombay Gin Reading Series. 

12.11.13 Rooster recommended by Verse

12.4.13 Reading at UMass Amherst for the Visiting Writers Series 

12.3.13 The Believer featured photographs of my bookshelves

12.1.13 My list of the best books of 2013 in The Volta, special Front Range Edition! 

11.27.13 Except from An Index to 800 Works by Noah Eli Gordon on The Believer's website

11.16.13 Reading in the Norman, OK for the Mark Allen Everett Poetry Series

11.15.13 Reading in Stillwater,OK for

11.8.13 Review of The Year of the Rooster in The Fiddleback

11.5.13 Facilitated Subito Press's 3rd annual Small Press Publishing Panel 

11.1.13 Excerpt from An Index to 800 Works by Noah Eli Gordon included with insert in Nov/Dec issue of The Believer 

10.23.13 Reviewed Bin Ramke's Aerial in Boston Review

10.20.13 Reading at The Poetic Research Bureau in LA @ 4pm

10.19.13 Reading at The Last Bookstore in LA @ 4pm

10.14.13 Fifteen poems (images by Smmr) in Dreginald 

9.26.13 chaired panel: "Subito Press: New Voices" at &Now

9.26.13 preformed as one of The Strongmen in a rendition of Alexei Kruchenykh’s “Victory Over the Sun

9.3.13 "For Expression" published at Omniverse 

9.1.13 Broadside published at Squircle Line Press

8.6.13 The Source at #21 on SPD's top 100 list

8.3.13 Reading in CO for Say Hello to Your Last Poem

7.27.13 Video in The Continental Review 

7.22.13 Poem in Narrative Magazine 

7.16.13 Wrote on Andy Mister's Liner Notes

7.1.13 Rooster book on SPD Bestseller List for June

6.29.13 Reading in Chicago @ Myopic Books

6.27.13 Poems in Everyday Genius 

6.24.13 Singing a Sonnet

6.7.13 Interviewed in Austinist

6.2.13 Reading @ Innisfree with Graham Foust, Eleni Sikelianos and Anne Waldman

6.1.13 Rooster book on SPD Bestseller List for May

5.31.13 Interviewed in Westword! 

5.31.13 Poem-A-Day @ The Academy of American Poets website 

5.27.13 Review of Rooster book in Publishers Weekly 

5.25.13 Wrote on An Ethic by Christina Davis 

5.22.13 Review of Rooster book in Heavy Feather

5.13.13 Review of Rooster book in Booklist

5. 5.13  Review of Rooster book on rob mclennan's blog

4.29.13 On a Fact-Simile Trading Card 

4.22.13 Write up for PSA's In Their Own Words feature 

4.21.13 A paragraph @ NPM Daily 

4.12.13 New poem in Boston Review 

4.11.13 Book Release Party with Serena Chopra, Michael Flatt, and Dorothea Lasky @ Red Line 

3.17.13 Norton Postmodern American Poetry reading with: Julie Carr, Graham Foust, Bin Ramke, Eleni Sikelianos, and Paul Hoover

3.11.13 noted neo-surrealist poet Eric Baus breaks his arm skateboarding 

3.9.13 Ahsahta/Penguin Poets reading at Aviary Gallery

3.8.13 Ahsahta AWP reading at The Signet Society

3.7.13 AWP York tribute reading 

2.22.13: Poem in berfrois

2.20.13: poems in the new issue of Phoebe 

2.15.13: 10 poems in the new issue of Fence


1.31.13 Please help with the Letter Machine Editions Indiegogo!

1.11.13 I answer some questions at Take Down the Clouds

1.1.13 H.L. Hix asks me some questions about my Fiddle book


12.6.12 Boston Review's Symposium on the Poetic Limits of Binary Thinking

11.30.12 2nd Annual Small Press Panel at Counterpath

10.23.12: Video up at Jupiter 88.

10.15.12: A few poems in the new issue of inter|rupture.

9.15.12: A child is born! Welcome to the world Georgia Eli Browning!

8.28.12: A micro review of Address by Elizabeth Willis in Boston Review.

7.7.12: Facebook group for Denver/Boulder poetry events: 

7.2.12: quit smoking today

7.1.12: Selected as Editor's Choice for 5280 Magazine's Top of the Town Author 

6.18.12: Teaching at Naropa next week. Info here.

5.1.12: The Source is listed by The Believer as a READERS’ FAVORITE WORKS OF POETRY IN 2011

2.1.11: The Source is listed as the number one best seller in poetry by SPD